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Welcome to the Questions page. Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please send us a message or call us during 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday on 01204 523 597.

Common ProblemsAir Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning systems are very convenient and quite reliable on the whole. The main complaint of a problem will generally be either 'No cool air', 'Not enough cool air', 'Funny Smell'. If you own an older car and its air conditioning system doesn't seem to be working quite right, then here are the general reasons:

    'No Cool Air'
    Refrigerant leak from any part of the system
    Drive belt loose (slipping) or broken
    Fuse blown
    Expansion valve dirty, clogged receiver-dryer or blocked liquid refrigerant line
    Expansion valve faulty
    Compressor not working or compressor clutch slip

    'Not Enough Cool Air'
    Partial refrigerant slow leak from any part of the system
    Refrigerant needs a charge
    Expansion valve fouled
    Compressor clutch slip
    Condenser blockage
    Evaporator blockage
    Drive belt loose (slipping)

    Air Conditioning SmellsAs you might expect us to say, most air conditioning repairs are
    best left to us. Apart from the expertise, most people (and garages) do not own the special equipment needed to safely recharge the refrigerant.

    'Funny Smell'
    The funny smells can become very unpleasant. Normally the nose will become used to a bad smell after a while, and embarrasingly it is other people who notice when they first jump into your car. The smells are due to bacterial growth in the condensed water, and fungal growths near the unit. The moist warm conditions are ideal for such growth.

Two TipsAir Conditioning Tips

There are a couple things you can do to avoid any expensive bills or surprises. First of all, make sure you have the system checked regularly according to your car handbook. Secondly, even though might not make much sense to run the aircon during the winter months, we recommend running your A/C system for at least ten minutes per month, because it contains a light mineral oil in the refrigerant to keep the compressor properly lubricated. Consult your car's handbook to determine the exact recommended use during winter use.

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